Help Get Melbourne Back


Lives are being Lost and Wasted Unnecessarily!

Fix This Protest Safely Without Breaching Social Distancing!!

Toot Your Horn for Ten Seconds every Wednesday and Sunday at 5:50pm

For Melbourne’s famous alleys to be filled again with maskless people of all ages enjoying the space without fear, the Coronavirus needs to be rendered near harmless. The issue is that current strategies may never achieve this. This site demands that our government consider and test alternatives in the hope of attaining a return to normalcy (not a new Covid19 normal but a real normal) more rapidly, with less angst and fewer deaths.

Read our demands, then register (if you want to receive updates from us like when next to blow your horn) and start blowing your horn at the prescribed time. Let’s make a simultaneous racket and get others and our pollies to sit up and take notice. Don’t cause a public nuisance, limit it to a 1o second honk please. If neighbours ask why, just refer them to this site, and ask them to toot for ten as well.

Registration is not required, it is recommended if you wish to be notified of new information.